JOACHIM NIKOLAS EGGERT (1779-1813): Symphonies No. 1 in C and No. 3 in E Flat, Overture to The Moors in Spain, Incidental Music to Svante Sture.

Catalogue Number: 10R002

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572457

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Born on Rügen, of the coast of Germany, Eggert came to Stockholm for the last ten years of his short life where he was very active as a conductor (introducing Beethoven there) and where he wrote his four symphonies. The four-movement First (c.1804-05) has quite a bit of Haydn’s Military Symphony about its slow movement and some Mozart as well but also looks forward harmonically to early Romanticism. As does the first movement of the 1807 Third. The other symphonies will follow to give us a more complete picture of the only known symphonist in Sweden between Kraus and Berwald. Gävle Symphony Orchestra; Gérard Kosten.


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