TOSHIO HOSOKAWA (b.1955): Landscape V for Sho and String Quartet, Threnody for Viola, Fragmente II for Recorder and String Quartet, Small Chant for Cello, Landscape II for Harp and String Quartet, Elegy for Violin.

Catalogue Number: 10Q085

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6769 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: The fluid lines of Hosokawa's chamber works are an aural analogue of the expressive brush-strokes of Japanese calligraphy, precise and continuously evolving throughout their duration. The two works from the Landscape series conjure their evocative shapes on the blank spaces of silence - an important feature of Hosokawa's musical vocabulary - with constantly changing timbres produced by a wide range of playing techniques from the strings, colored by the distinctive sonic textures of the other instruments. The Threnody is a work of remarkable intensity, with the concentrated expressiveness of a precisely articulate line drawing. In the Fragmente, the 'silence' is textured by a constant timbrally varied drone, with lines of different densities and degrees of roughness of outline - literally produced by different degrees of pressure, here that of air, or bow on string - forming dramatic foreground figuration. Arditti String Quartet, Mayumi Miyata (sho), Naoko Yoshino (harp), Tosiya Suzuki (recorder).


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