FRANCESCO CAVALLI (1602-1676): Elena.

Catalogue Number: 10Q013

Label: Ricercar

Reference: 346

Format: DVD

Price: $44.98

Description: The first performance of this opera since its premiere in 1659, this live taping from the Aix-en-Provence Festival last July gives us a pre-Trojan War Helen, pursued by several suitors amidst a confusing mass of subsidiary characters and a libretto which takes the phrase "fast and loose" to new extremes with the Greek mythology of its subject matter. Wild costumes from various periods and periods which never existed provide great swaths of color but, of course, the main event is Cavalli's score, melodic, inventive and often strikingly beautiful. 2 DVDs. Emöke Barath (soprano), Valer Barna-Sabadus (counter-tenor), Fernando Guimarães (tenor), Solenn' Lavanant Linke (mezzo), Cappella Mediterranea; Leonardo García Alarcón. NTSC region 0. 177 min


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