GÉRARD CONDÉ (b.1947): Salima Sac à Ruses.

Catalogue Number: 10P071

Label: Maguelone

Reference: MAG 111.160

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Salima is based on a slight comedy episode from 'The 1001 Nights' about a Sultan's need to be relieved of his malaise through the power of laughter, and a woman's audacious and convoluted scheme to save her household from financial ruin. Condé's genial chamber opera is an elegantly neoclassical entertainment, thoroughly diverting and enjoyable. The composer may have studied with a Schoenberg disciple, but his scales and modes in this work at least are of the fashionable octatonic variety, when not frankly tonal, and if an early 20th-century antecedent is detectable, it is Debussy rather than any composer of Secondary Viennese persuasion. Sugeeta Fribourg's chatty libretto brings out the slightly caricatured nature of the characters nicely, ably abetted by Condé's unfussy lyricism and textural clarity in his vocal writing. French-English libretto. Patricia Samuel (soprano), Frédéric Bang Rouhet (baritone), Josselin Michalon (bass), Ensemble 2e2m; Pierre Roullier.


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