JACQUES BLUMENTHAL (1829-1908): Grand Trio in F Minor, Op. 26, JULES COHEN (1830-1901): Trio sur un canzone de Stradella for Piano, Violin and Harmonium, JULES PASDELOUP (1819-1887): Aurore for Solo Piano, CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS (1835-1921): Sérénade for Piano Trio and Harmonium, Op. 15.

Catalogue Number: 10P038

Label: Maguelone

Reference: MAG 111.127

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This release is titled "Music at the Louvre under the Second Empire" and its main event is the big, 39-minute trio from 1853 by Blumenthal, a work firmly in the orbit of Schubert, Mendelssohn and, by extension, Gouvy. If you like everything you've heard from the latter, you'll enjoy Blumenthal's gift for memorable melody and his ability to churn youthful passion in his first movement yet also be able to write a scherzo of bright, Classical aspect. Cohen's seven-minute trio, based on a canzone by Stradella, is an attractive example of mid-19th century romantic touching up of the baroque. Jean-Claude Bouveresse (violin), Odile Bourin (cello), Christophe Maynard (piano, harmonium). 2000 release.


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