HANS-ERIK PHILIP (b.1943): Symphony for Soprano, Chorus and Orchestra, And other dreams, Tusindfryd.

Catalogue Number: 10O082

Label: Danica

Reference: DCD 8221

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: There is next to nothing in this CD folder about the composer or the music except some woozy musings about mystery, dreams and spirituality from the notewriter. But a bit of investigation shows that Philip has 30 film-scores to his credit, including several adventure films set in the Viking past. That alone colors one's response to the dark orchestral panorama and medievalish choral chant with which the 40-minute symphony opens. The nasal, otherworldly soprano, sounding like a singer from some distant, exotic foreign land, adds to the sense of strangeness and distance from today's world. Although there are ten tracks, the symphony plays through without break. It could be a score to a medieval adventure-romance. It's quite tonal and dramatic without a hint of minimalism and should appeal to adventurous orchestral fans willing to let their minds do the work of interpretation. No texts. Mónika Juhász Miczura (soprano), Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Chorus; Béla Drahos.


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