PER NØRGÅRD (b.1932): Libra for Tenor, Guitar, 2 Mixed Choirs and 2 Vibraphones, Rêves en pleine lumière for Mixed Choir, Cycle for 12-part Choir.

Catalogue Number: 10O077

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220622

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Libra and Cycle date from the 1970s, the height of Nørgård's development of his Infinity Series, with the incorporation of a kind of meta-tonality that gave rise to structural complexity allied to an extremely versatile harmonic vocabulary with endless expressive possibilities. Much of the choral writing in Libra sounds very tonal, though excitingly unpredictable, while the lively guitar part reveals the work's greater underlying complexity. The unusual instrumentation and distribution of the vocal material gives rise to some fascinating sonorities. Cycle similarly dates from around the time of the seminal third symphony, and consists of richly harmonized, uncomplicated melodic material which is combined and overlain in accordance with fractal procedures, leading to complex, spiralling tempo relationships. Rêves sets sensual and surrealistic texts by Paul Éluard; a substantially more recent work, it employs a free, more expressionistic vocabulary, with complex melodic structures but less formal complexity overall. The vocal lines are characterized by wide leaps and swoops, with additional color provided by whistling, and occasional chiming percussion. Norwegian-English texts. Adam Riis (tenor), Stefan Östersjö (guitar), Danish National Vocal Ensemble; Fredrik Malmberg. SACD hybrid


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