MARCOS ANTONIO PORTUGAL (1762-1830): Matinas do Natal - Responsories 1-8.

Catalogue Number: 10O032

Label: Paraty

Reference: 209.108

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: ollectors with good memories will recall an opera, Le donne cambiate, by this composer on Marco Polo back in 2000. Here we have a set of Christmas Matins composed shortly after 1808 when the Portuguese court had moved to Brazil. The orchestra is dark-toned (no violins, flutes or oboes but bassoons, horns and trombone) and solo voices alternate with chorus in music with pastoral tints and, surprisingly, rather festive and upbeat with plenty of secular manners. No texts. Ensemble Turicum; Luiz Alves de Silva & Mathias Weibel.


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