JOHN CAGE (1912-1992): Sonatas and Interludes, The Perilous Night, Bacchanale, ROBIN HARTWELL: Piano Piece No. 2, MATTHEW FAIRCLOUGH: Inside Out, DJANGO BATES (b.1960): You Live and Learn, STEPHEN PRATT (b.1947): Three Studies on Cage, MIKE WILSON/ZOETROPE: ALF - the vegan gravy mix, PETER O'BRIEN: Rosavan, DEIRDRE GRIBBIN (b.1967): The Broken Piece of the Moon, MARY BLACK: Dead Sheep, JONATHAN HARVEY (b.1939): Homage to Cage, à Chopin (und Liget ist auch dabei), ANDREW TOOVEY (b.1962): You may not (want) to (be) hear/here, TALVIN SINGH (b.1970)/JOANNA MACGREGOR (b.1959): Endgame, CONLON NANCARROW (1912-1997): Prelude and Blues, 3 Canons for Ursula, Studies for Player Piano.

Catalogue Number: 10N101

Label: Warner Classics

Reference: 2594 67856-6

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Originally only available direct from pianist MacGregor's own label, Sound Circus, these recordings of Cage's most famous prepared piano pieces were augmented by students at Liverpool Hope University where MacGregor was working at the time (1998). Some sampled the sounds and digitally manipulated them to produce brief, new works. Six of them are included here along with five pieces for prepared piano and tape which MacGregor commissioned from Bates, Gribbin, Harvey, Toovey and Singh. The Nancarrow Prelude and Blues and Canons have been recorded before but the three Studies, multi-tracked by MacGregor with the permission of Nancarrow (these were done in 1988) are the only versions of these works available played by a human pianist. 2 CDs. Joanna MacGregor (piano).


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