RUDOLF KELTERBORN (b.1931): Chamber Symphony No. 3 for 2 Pianos and 3 Groups of Instruments (Adrienne Soós, Ivo Haag [pianos]), Viola Concerto (Jessica Rona [viola], Biel Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Rösner), Hommage à FD for 5 Instruments and Female Voice (Jeannine Hirzel [soprano]), ich höre mich for Soprano, Oboe (English Horn), Cello and Piano (Hirzel [soprano]), Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain NEC;  Pierre-Alain Monot.

Catalogue Number: 10N099

Label: Neos

Reference: 11118

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

No Longer Available

Description: The Homage evokes the works of Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and employ fragments of his texts in a series of expressive instrumental sketches. Timbre and abstract sculptural shapes in sound are as important compositional elements as harmony or rhythm in Kelterborn's unrepentantly avant garde, atonal idiom. The Chamber Symphony is in two contrasting movements, Atmospheres and Actions, in which instrumental groupings are used as thematic material, with inter-related subject matter varied in presentation between the sections through a variety of devices including timbral brightness and tempo. Kelterborn generally avoids extended performing techniques, and even the challenging vocal part of ich höre mich is more or less conventionally sung, with the text repeated, but in different musical contexts, some of which employ elements of noise textures, almost suggesting electronic sounds. The concerto, a recent work, is atonal and sonorous, with spatial effects written into the orchestration; the work bears some relationship to the traditional concerto form, with intensely expressive material for the soloist, sometimes in chamber combinations within the ensemble.


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