DANIEL SCHNYDER (b.1961): Shourouk - Arabian Overture for Orchestra, Suite for Bass Trombone and Orchestra, subZERO for Bass Trombone and Orchestra, The Island for Bass Trombone and String Quintet (and version for Bass Trombone and Piano), Donne Variations for Piano, Around the World for Soprano Saxophone, Bass Trombone and Piano, Schuhmacher-Marsch for Soprano Saxophone and Bass Trombone.

Catalogue Number: 10N089

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1774

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: New music, classical music, ancient music, ethnic music, jazz and big band all swirl around in the cauldron of Schnyder's music. The two big concertante works are those for bass trombone and orchestra which make up 39 of this CD's 73 minutes. Although the notes tell us nothing about the ingredients in the Suite, subZERO combines West African, Cuban and Arabian music while taking both soloist and orchestra to the limits of the technically possible. Stefan Schulz (bass trombone), Daniel Schnyder (sax), Tomoko Sawano (piano), Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra; Michael Sanderling, Michael Helmrath (subZERO).


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