GABRIELA LENA FRANK (b.1972): Compadrazgo for Cello, Piano and Orchestra (David Finckel [cello], Wu Han [piano]), LERA AUERBACH (b.1973): Fragile Solitudes (Shadowbox) for String Quartet and Orchestra (Borromeo String Quartet), JOAN TOWER (b.1938): Purple Rhapsody for Viola and Orchestra (Paul Neubauer [viola]).

Catalogue Number: 10N085

Label: Summit

Reference: DCD 573

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Frank's four-movement 26-minute double concerto from 2006 is inspired throughout by folk music from the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes; its slow movement is notable for being for just the two soloists. Auerbach's single-movement concerto (2008) is characterized by an often intense lyricism, in arch form with more hectic and urgent music at its center, and a prominent celesta in the orchestra contributes to the sense of fragility in the work's title. But for unbridled virility, passion and romantic spirit, you can't top Tower's 19-minute Rhapsody from 2005 which has to count as one of the most impressive concertante works for viola of the last ten years. ProMusica Chamber Orchestra; Timothy Russell.


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