ROLF WALLIN (b.1957): Imella for Fiddle and Orchestra, The Age of Wire and String for Orchestra, 3 Gedichte von Rainer Maria Rilke for Soprano and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10N082

Label: Pro Musica

Reference: PPC 9063

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The fiddle concerto introduces elements of traditional folk-fiddling into a modern concertante context. Instead of a written-out solo part, the violinist plays a series of gestures which may be adopted, juxtaposed and repeated with the improvisatory freedom of folk music. The music is lively and insistent, with a strongly tonal-modal feel and constantly textured multiple-stopping of the solo instrument characteristic of folk fiddle music. Wire and String refers to a novel which describes a world defined by physical laws unlike those that we know, and consists of eight brief, abstract sketches, oddly un-anchored and free-floating, suggesting a musical logic detached from conventional rules of pitch or rhythmic relationships. The Rilke songs set emotionally intense texts on contrasting subjects - love, religious ecstasy and the omnipresence of death - in a lyrically soaring, tonally ambiguous vocabulary incorporating perfumed late-romanticism alongside the emerging conventions of the early 20th century avant garde. Susanne Lundeng (violin), Siri Torjesen (soprano), Bodø Sinfonietta; Christian Eggen. SACD hybrid


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