KAIJA SAARIAHO (b.1952): Clarinet Concerto "D' om le vrai sens", Laterna Magica for Large Orchestra, Leino Songs for Soprano and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10N078

Label: Ondine

Reference: ODE 1173-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: These works are entirely characteristic of Saariaho's music of fluid, luminous textures and mysterious, dreamlike processes. The concerto was inspired by a series of MediƦval tapestries depicting the five senses, plus the mysterious 'sixth sense', and this provides ample scope for sensuous, rippling music, full of moving light and shadow, in wonderfully imaginative orchestral textures through which the soloist weaves a braided thread of multiphonics, breath sounds and eerie animal sounds. The work is a descent though layers of perception, the final movement with its infinitely sow bass line punctuated by ticking and chiming suggesting that the ultimate sense is the perception of time. Laterna Magica deals with a recurring theme of Saariaho's music - light. Referring to an early projector, a predecessor of moving film in which a lamp cast images that in succession gave an illusion of movement, the piece is a study in shadowy, imprecise representations of reality, with self-illuminated shapes emerging from the gloom, metamorphosing and receding. Whispered words passed around the orchestra add to the sense of mystery, and the descriptive artificiality of image. Decay and transience against the backdrop of eternity are fundamental themes in the poetry of Eino Leino, and unsurprisingly the texts evoke music of mystery, with illuminating flashes of lightning and a supple, glowing line of lyrical beauty in the solo part. Finnish-English texts. Kari Kriikku (clarinet), Anu Komsi (soprano), Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra; Sakari Oramo.


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