CONLON NANCARROW (1912-1997): Suite for Orchestra (Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra;  Stefan Asbury), 3 Movements for Chamber Orchestra, Septet fragment, Studies for Player Piano No. 16 (2 pianos, 8 hands), No. 20 (piano four hands), No. 26 (4 pianos, 7 hands), No. 32 (piano duet) and No. 44 (2 pianos, four hands), PAUL USHER (b.1970): Nancarrow Concerto for Pianola and Chamber Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 10N062

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 6733 2

Format: CD

Price: $22.98

Description: One of Nancarrow's rarest scores, the c.1945 orchestra suite shows his original interests in jazz and blues, especially in its second movement but polyrhythmic and canonic structures are also already in place. The Movements were realized by an assistant, Carlos Sandoval, to meet a 1993 commission which has its basis in older player piano compositions. The septet dates from 1939 and its strong polyrhythmic tendencies defeated the intended performers at its 1940 New York premiere. Rounding out this interesting release is English composer Usher's 2005 concerto which originally was to have been a completion of an original Nancarrow work. There was not enough to go on, so Usher composed one movement entirely on his own (based on three canons in unequal tempo proportions) while using Nancarrow's sketches (mostly relating to Study No. 49 for Player Piano) for the other three. Helena Bugallo, Amy Williams, Amy Briggs, Ingrid Karlen (pianists), Rex Lawson (pianola), Ensemble Modern; Kasper de Roo.


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