GIAN FRANCESCO MALIPIERO (1882-1973): Impressioni dal vero I, II and III, Pause del silenzio I and II.

Catalogue Number: 10N006

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572409

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: 52 of the 80 minutes here are world premiere recordings (for those you who are counting) but all of them are intensely interesting to hear - as any of you who've collected the whole Malipiero symphony cycle on Marco Polo (reissued on Naxos) might expect. The first three "Impressions from Life" (1910-11) are inspired by birds (Blackcap, Woodpecker and Scops Owl if you wanted to know) and are very Debussian in their Impressionist quality; the next three (1914-15: "Dialogue of Bells", "The Cypresses and the Wind" and "Country Festival") are more agitated and louder - Malipiero was obsessive about silence, of which there wasn't much near Venice as World War I cranked up - while the final trio (1921-22) "Festival in Val d'inferno", "The Cockerels" and "Tarantella in Capri" are both bright and relaxed. Malipiero scholars consider his 1917 Pause del Silenzio I his greatest work, a 13-minute set of variations on a theme while the longest piece here, the five-movement, 25-minute Pause II might especially strike listeners with its Technicolor film-score pomp, drama and magnificence. Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma; Francesco La Vecchia.


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