GÜNTHER BECKER (1924-2007): Complete Organ Works - 3 kleine Orgelstücke, A la mémoire de Josquin, Interpolationen, Meteoron for Organ, Percussion and Two-Channel Tape.

Catalogue Number: 10L114

Label: Cybele

Reference: 060.701

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Becker's entire output for organ, viewed in chronological order, demonstrates not so much a progression as a continuously evolving æsthetic in which each piece stands on its own terms relative to prevailing trends in music at the time. 1969's Meteoron is the most obviously avant garde work, with its dense clusters, constant tape part featuring recordings of Orthodox church chant as well as other transformed and electronically generated sounds, and mainly unpitched percussion textures. In 1975 Becker used clearly identifiable and respectfully quoted extracts from Josquin's masses as punctuation to a piece whose basic vocabulary is somewhere between Messiaen and Ligeti. The kleine Stücke from a few years later express this free tonality without any obvious allusions to earlier music, while his last organ work, Interpolationen (1993) is in many ways the most conventional, even allowing suggestions of tonal harmony, while remaining largely atonal overall. Much of the instrumental figuration is clearly related to more traditional organ music, with chorale-like and toccata-like passages clearly derived from Baroque practices, transposed into Becker's distinctive modern idiom. Martin Schmeding (organ of the Evangelical Resurrection Church, Düsseldorf-Oberkassel), Christian Roderburg (percussion). SACD hybrid.


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