AMY BEACH (1867-1944): Variations on Balkan Themes for 2 Pianos, Op. 60c (Kathryn Ananda Owens, Christopher Atzinger), For Orchestra: Variations on Balkan Themes, Op. 60d (compl. Hector Valdivia, Bal Masqué, Op. 22 (Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra; Hector Valdivia), For Soprano and String(s): Chanson d'amour, Op. 21/1, Ecstasy, Op. 19/2, A Mirage, Op. 100/1, Stella Viatoris, Op. 100/2, Rendezvous, Op. 120 (Alison Feldt [soprano], Owens [piano], Valdivia [violin], David Carter [cello]).

Catalogue Number: 10L064

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 2990

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Two more versions of Beach's obvious favorite, the Variations on Balkan Themes: the 1937 two-piano version and the completion of what seems to have been left as fifteen manuscript pages of orchestration (the theme and three variations) which conductor Valdivia completed in line with the composer's orchestration of her Gaelic Symphony and piano concerto, and using Beach's latest version - this two-piano arrangement - as the model. Texts included.


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