JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): The Sibelius Edition, Vol. 9, Chamber Music II - Waterdrops for Violin and Cello, JS 216, Castles in the Air for 2 Violins, JS 65*, Andantino in C, JS 40 and Andante molto in F Minor, JS 35 for Cello and Piano, Serenata for 2 Violins and Cello, JS 169, Menuetto and Allegro for 2 Violins and Cello*, Tempo di valse in G Minor for Cello and Piano, JS 193, [Duo] in E Minor for Violin and Cello, JS 196, [Lento] in E Flat Minor for Cello and Piano, JS 76*, Moderato in F for Solo Cello*, [Mazurka] in G Minor for Solo Cello*, [Andante] in D Minor, JS 91, [Andantino] in B Minor, JS 92 and Andante molto in B Minor for Cello and Piano (all*), Andante-allegro for Piano Quintet, JS 31, Canon in G Minor for Violin and Cello, JS 50*, Andantino in A for String Trio*, Suite in A for String Trio, JS 186, Fantasia for Cello and Piano, JS 79*, Adagio in F Sharp Minor, JS 15 and Tempo di valse (Lulu Waltz) in F Sharp Minor, JS 194 for Cello and Piano (both*), Overture in F Minor for Brass Ensemble, JS 146, Allegro for Brass Ensemble and Triangle, JS 25, Andantino and Minuet for Brass Ensemble, JS 45, Vivace for Piano Quintet, Piano Quintet in G Minor, JS 159, Preludium for Brass Ensemble and Triangle, JS 83, [Minuet] in F for Violin and Cello*, Duo for Violin and Viola, JS 66, Melodrama from Nights of Jealousy for Recitation, Soprano and Piano Trio, JS 125, String Trio in G Minor, JS 210, Rondo in D Minor for Viola and Piano, JS 162, Canon in D Minor for String Trio*, Moderato, JS 130 and Dolcissimo, JS 63 for Kantele (both*), [Waltz] for Violin and Kantele, JS 222, Tiera for Brass Ensemble and Percussion, JS 200, [March] for Brass Ensemble and Percussion*, Malinconia for Cello and Piano, Op. 20, The Lizard, Op. 8 (Incidental Music) for Violin, String Quartet and Double Bass, 2 Serious Melodies for Cello and Piano, Op. 77, 4 Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op. 78, from[Theme and Variations] for Solo Cello in D Minor, JS 196: Variation IV w/alternative version of bar 81, [Mazurka] in G Minor for Solo Cello with alternative version of bar 23*.

Catalogue Number: 10L062

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1924/26

Format: CD

Price: $59.98

Description: This newest release in The Sibelius Edition has the most world premiere recordings (*) of any in this box-set series so far - 17 out of the 43 pieces are brand-new to disc (amounting to 64 minutes or one regular-sized CD). 5 CDs for the price of 3. Torleif Thedéen (cello), Jaakko Kuusisto, Laura Vikman (violin), Anna Kreetta Gribajcevic, Nobuko Imai (viola), Taneli Turunen, Joel Laakso (cello), Folke Gräsbeck, Roland Pöntinen (piano), Suvi Lehtonen-Gräsbeck (kantele), Lasse Pöysti (narrator), Monica Groop (mezzo), brass partout, Lahti Brass Ensemble, Eero Munter (double bass).


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