GEORGY CATOIRE (1861-1929): 4 Morceaux, Op. 12, 2 Poèmes, Op. 34, Prélude, NIKOLAI ROSLAVETS (1881-1944): 5 Préludes, NIKOLAI MEDTNER (1880-1951): Canzona Matinata, Op. 39/4, Sonata Tragica, Op. 39/5, ALEXANDER SCRIABIN (1872-1915): Mazurka in E Minor, Op. 25/3, 2 Poèmes, Op. 32, Feuillet d'Album in E Flat, Op.45/1.

Catalogue Number: 10L060

Label: Antes Edition

Reference: BMCD 31.9249

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Almost two-thirds of this recital deals with unusual repertoire: Catoire's Morceaux of the 1890s with a luscious mix of Rachmaninov and early Scriabin and the late Poèmes of 1924 and 1926 which glint with the dark fires of late Scriabin; and the five tonality-stretching Préludes of Roslavets (1919-22) which are excellent examples of the art produced by the intellectual ferment of the immediate post-Revolution years. Anna Zassimova (piano).


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