JENÖ HUBAY (1858-1937): Violin Concertos No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 21 "Dramatique" and No. 2 in E, Op. 90, Scènes de la Csárda Nos. 3 "Maros vize", Op. 18 & No. 4 "Hejre Kati", Op. 32.

Catalogue Number: 10L058

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572078

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: First budget-price appearance of these concertos, performed by one of the new hot British violinists. The First was dedicated to Joachim and its unconventional introduction, free modulations and suddenly-appearing virtuoso passages show Hubay's openness to new musical ideas while the reliance on easy-to-follow rhythm and melody indicate his conservative side as well. The Second (1900) is constructed in the classical mold, the passionate yet tender second theme of the first movement and the lyrical larghetto contrasting typically with the fiery and virtuosic first theme and finale. Two makeweights come from Hubay's colorful group of short Hungarian tone-pictures. Chloë Hanslip (violin), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra; Andrew Mogrelia.


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