ANTONIO VICTORINO D'ALMEIDA (b.1940): Tuba Concerto, Op. 144 (Sérgio Carolino [tuba], Oporto National Orchestra; Marc Pardue), Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra (Pedro Ribeiro [oboe], Algarve Orchestra; Osvaldo Ferreira), Divertimento for Orchestra (Bruckner Orchestra Linz; Antonio Victorino D'Almeida).

Catalogue Number: 10L013

Label: Numérica

Reference: NUM 1178

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

No Longer Available

Description: The juxtaposition with Michael Daugherty is intentional. In his tuba concerto (premiered two years ago), D'Almeida hits the same brightly colored, dare I say cartoonish (in the best sense) notes of Metropolis Symphony, with the solo instrument being given gorgeous lyrical tunes in its upper registers and the requisite growls and belches in its lowest but with an orchestral fabric which sometimes suggests a 60s American comedy film score (or an orchestral type of "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music") chugging away in ostinatos beneath the tuba. The oboe concerto (2005) is more "classical", well-behaved so to speak, well actually it's "neo-classical" really. The Divertimento (2001) is a brightly colored concerto for orchestra.


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