JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): Intrada in E, Funeral Music, ARMAS MAASALO (1865-1960): Notturno pastorale, DAVID WIKANDER (1884-1955): Passacaglia, TANELI KUUSISTO (1905-1988): Pastorale, Op. 18/2, JARMO PARVIAINEN (b.1928): Partita "Sunset", MAURI VIITALA (b.1948): Toccata, FERDINAND ZELBELL SR. (1689-1765): Preludes in E Minor and in D Minor. Nordic Organ Music, Vol. 1

Catalogue Number: 10K052

Label: VMS

Reference: 606

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: Nordic Organ Music, Vol. 1 deals with Swedish and Finnish composers from the baroque to the present day. What they practically all have in common, except for Sibelius's two occasional works, is some indebtedness to baroque models, although Maasalo shows the influences of his study in France and there is a similar influence in Kuusisto's piece. Parviainen's is the largest (over ten minutes) and combines baroque clarity with a restrained contemporary style. Hans Helmut Tillmans (Klais organ of Altenberger Cathedral; Sandtner organ of Eichstätter Cathedral; Ahrend organ, Cantate Domino, Frankfurt-am-Main; Marcussen organ of the Margaraethen Kirche, Metheler and Christensen organ, Sondre Sogns Church, Viborg, Denmark).


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