FERENC ERKEL (1810-1893): István Király.

Catalogue Number: 10K041

Label: Videoland Klassik

Reference: VLD 137

Format: DVD

Price: $35.98

Description: Dating from 1885, this was Erkel's last opera although what one means by "Erkel's" can be parsed in Clintonesque manner: most of the last half of his nine stage works were either orchestrated, partially composed, or both by his two sons Gyula and Sandor. "King Stephen"'s French/Italian (Gyula) and Wagnerian (Sandor) influences probably show the hand of his sons although the Hungarian stylistic elements and the most effective dramatic parts can probably be attributed to father Ferenc. Collectors will know Erkel from his two most famous operas, Hunyadi László and Bánk bán; they will not hesitate to acquire this one whose subject is Hungary's famous king. The music was recorded in 1993 and synched to a 1977 Hungarian TV production. English subtitles. János Martin (baritone), Tamara Takács (soprano), Tamás Garóczi (tenor), King Stephen Choir, Honvéd Ensemble Male Choir, Hungarian Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra; László Kovács. 4:3 picture format. Dolby Digital 5.0. NTSC. Region 0. 96 min.


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