JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809): Complete Klavierstücke - Arietta No. 1 in E Flat with 12 Variations, Hob XVII/3, Arietta No. 2 in A with 20 Variations, XVII/2, Variations (Fantasy) in F Minor, XVII/6, 4 Variations on "Gott erhalte" in G, XVII: Anhang, 5 Variations in D XVII/7, 6 Variations in C XVII/5, 12 Minuets, IX/8, 12 Minuets, IX/3, 12 Menuets, IX/11, 12 German Dances, IX/12, Marches in E Flat, VIII/1, VIII/2, VIII/3bis, Kontretanz in D, XXXIc/17b, Fantasy in C, XVII/4, Adagio in F, XVII/9, Capriccio in G "Acht Sauschneider müssen sein", XVII/1, 18 Menuets and Aria, IX/20 and XVII/F1, Sonata in D, XVII/D1, Sonata for Four Hands in F, XVII/a1 "Il maestro e scolare", The Seven Last Words, XX/2, Arrangement from A Musical Clock: Allegretto in C, Arrangements from Symphonies: No. 81 - Andante, No. 79 - Adagio, No. 85 - Menuetto and Rondo, No. 53 - Andante, No. 93 - Adagio, No. 97 - Menuet, No. 94 - Andante, Arrangements from the Opera La Vera Costanza: Aria Io son poverina, Second and last parts of Introduction, Arrangements from String Quartets: Hob. III/41/ - Allegretto-Presto, III/74/ - Largo assai, Arrangements from Piano Trios: Menuets from XV/37, 38 & 40, Adagio from XV/22.

Catalogue Number: 10K032

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 93770

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

Description: We offer this the month after BIS' twelve-disc Haydn fortepiano box set since, of the 18 items on the disc of arrangements here ("Haydn's Haydn" as Brilliant calls it), only two are in the BIS box. Both use fortepianos after Anton Walter c.1795 (by different builders) while 21 pages of English notes are a luxury. 5 CDs. Bart Van Oort (fortepiano).


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