CHARLES MACKLEAN (c.1712-c.1765): Sonatas Nos. 10 in G and 12 in B, JAMES OSWALD (1711-1769): The Duck's Foot, The Heather Bells and The Sneez-wort from The Seasons, (1763-1831): Lament for the Death of his Brother, ALEXANDER MUNRO (16??-17??): Fy gar, rub her o'er with straw and traditional Scottish tunes arranged by Francesco Barsanti [1690-1772], Robert Bewick [1788-1849], Neil Gow Sr. [1727-1807] and Nicola Matteis [d.1907] and from the collection of Simon Fraser [1773-1852].

Catalogue Number: 10K030


Reference: EMCCD-7761

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Flute music from 18th century Scotland, either arrangements of traditional airs with figured bass and/or secondary melodic lines or Italianate sonatas with reel-like allegros and adagios reminiscent of slow Scottish airs. Alison Melville (flute, recorder), Michael Jarvis, Paul Jenkins, Charlotte Nediger (harpsichord), Mary-Katherine Finch (cello), Kirk Elliott (harp, guitar), Ben Grossman (bodhrán, tambourine, snare drum).


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