REINBERT DE LEEUW (b.1938): In wunderschönen Monat Mai.

Catalogue Number: 10J121

Label: Winter & Winter

Reference: 910 132-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This is effectively a new work assembled from transcribed and adapted songs by Schubert and Schumann. It remains true to the spirit and vocabulary of the Romantic originals; the extent of de Leeuw's transcription is the varied and colorful instrumentation, the rearrangement of sections within the songs (and the removal of some degree of repetition), and above all, provision for a quasi-dramatised vocal presentation, which includes passages in sprechstimme or spoken declamation of the texts. The vocal lines, when presented as such, and accompaniments, consist of the original composers' music, though more freely treated than simply orchestrating the piano parts. Purists will probably hate this approach, but in its own right it is an effective way to hear these wonderful, if perhaps over-familiar songs with fresh ears. There is no reason not to enjoy this, and then perhaps be prompted to go back to the originals and rediscover them with even greater pleasure. No texts. Barbara Sukova (voice), Schoenberg Ensemble; Reinbert De Leeuw (piano).


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