KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN (b.1928): Stimmung - Copenhagen version.

Catalogue Number: 10J113

Label: Harmonia Mundi

Reference: HMU 807408

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This is the first new recording in a surprisingly long time of Stockhausen's seminal work from 1968, a work which has been said, with some justification, to have redefined vocal music. Insofar as the work contains substantial choice elements in performance, this may of course be said to be a new version. The underlying structure remains the same, of course; six overtones of a single note, B flat, with syllables and vocal sounds chosen to selectively accentuate these overtones. A huge range of vocal techniques are employed in the service of the work's detailed examination of the timbres obtainable from combinations of these notes; for all its superficially meditative nature the piece is in fact in constant transformation, the textures highly active, and the insertion of declaimed poetic fragments, words and 'magic names' also serve to vary the texture and the nature of each individual performance. Although every kind of 'revolution' has taken place in avant garde music since this piece was first heard, it remains as relevant, and as radical a statement, today as it was then.


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