ARTHUR HONEGGER (1892-1955): Cello Concerto, Cello Sonata, Sonatina for Cello and Piano, Sonatina for Violin and Cello.

Catalogue Number: 10J073

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1617

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The 1929 concerto is one of only three concertos Honegger wrote and it is marked out by an intense and rhapsodic lyricism while echoes of jazz and popular music appear in the finale. The sonata (1920) is also notable for long, arching melodic lines in its outer movements while the influence of Ravel is heard in the slow middle one while the two sonatinas (1922 and 1932) are distinguished by counterpoint, canon and a grittier neo-classical aesthetic. Christian Poltéra (cello), Malmö Symphony Orchestra; Tuomas Ollila-Hannikainen, Kathryn Stott (piano), Christian Tetzlaff (violin).


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