ERNST WILHELM WOLF (1735-1792): Symphonies in E Minor and in G, ANNA AMALIA VON SACHSEN-WEIMAR-EISENACH (1739-1807): Overture and Entr'acte from Erwin und Elmire, JOHANN FRIEDRICH REICHARDT (1752-1814): Overture to Erwin und Elmire, FRANZ SERAPH VON DESTOUCHES (1772-1844): Symphony in D, CARL EBERWEIN (1786-1868): Introduction to Entreactes und Gesänge zu Faust von Goethe.

Catalogue Number: 10J033

Label: Capriccio

Reference: 71 128

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Although this is titled "Masters of the Goethe Era" and contains music from three different settings of Goethe libretti, its major importance is to collectors of the Classical symphony. Neither of Wolf's symphonies are on the only other available recording of his music (a Naxos disc released two years ago this month); these are four movement works fully in the Viennese Classical style dating from the late 1780s. Destouches' symphony dates from around 1800 and at over 21 minutes, is the longest piece on the disc, beginning with a dark and dramatic slow introduction and moving on to become a worthy addition to the late Classical symphonic repertoire. Oh - the overtures aren't bad either... Staatskapelle Weimar; Peter Gülke. SACD hybrid.


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