MATS HYLANDER : Greetings to Sweden. Mats Hylander, organ.

Catalogue Number: 09Z032

Label: db Productions

Reference: DBCD209

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: "Swedish organist-composer, Mats Hylander, started composing his great work, "The Counties of Sweden", during the covid pandemic, as a kind of greeting to and comfort for the Swedish people when many was in lockdown. In this organ suite, each one of Sweden's 25 counties has been honored with its own piece. At the pipe organ of the Church of Lomma in the south of Sweden, Hylander performs his own melodious, tonal music. Easy on the ear, it’s inspired by Mendelssohn, Bach and Chopin, but also influenced by traditional tunes and folk music, in the twilight zone between sacred and earthly."


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