ALASTAIR WHITE (b.1988): Woad.

Catalogue Number: 09X061

Label: Metier

Reference: msv 28617

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: WOAD is a performance piece of a long poem by the composer that takes its impetus from the Scottish folk tale of Tam Lin, who is transformed into various creatures and objects by the Queen of the Fairies. White has written a surrealist poem on the subject of transformation and the difficulty of differentiating real reality from transformed reality - appropriately enough for a piece conceived and executed in 2020, the year in which everything around and within us was transformed. The soprano soloist is partnered in an intricate, atonal dance throughout the work. The poem is printed in the booklet, with its graphic layout preserved, and given its argument and commentary structure, this (or just reading it on the page) helps significantly in following what is going on. The sales notes mention "its clever staging and set", but you will have to whet your appetite with this disc for now; if you like what you hear, apparently a video will be made available for streaming next year. Libretto included. Kelly Poukens (soprano), Suzy Vanderheiden (saxophones).


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