JOSEPH KAMINSKI (1903-1972): Violin Concerto, HANS GÁL (1890-1987): Concertino for Violin and String Orchestra, LEONARD BERNSTEIN (1918-1990): Serenade for Violin, String Orchestra, Harp and Percussion.

Catalogue Number: 09V005

Label: Hännsler Classic

Reference: HC19020

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Kaminski was born in Odessa, studied in Berlin and Vienna (at the latter city with Gál) and emigrated to Palestine in 1937. His concerto dates from 1947-49 and is vividly orchestrated and expressive, with dabs of Sephardic dance rhythms in its finale while elsewhere Kaminski is unafraid to transcend the bounds of tonality for the sake of that expressivity. Gál’s Concertino (1939) is the only work he composed during his first two years in England and its heart-easing quality shows that music was an escape to ideals and transcendant values for Gál, rather than a mirror of the times. Erez Ofer (violin), RSO Berlin; Frank Beermann, Omer Meir Wellber (Serenade).


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