BJØRN KRUSE (b.1949): Chronotope for Clarinet and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 09T071

Label: LAWO Classics

Reference: LWC1129

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Kruse is a multidisciplinary composer, with a sizeable body of concert works to his credit, but he is also a widely exhibited painter, has had a lengthy career as a jazz performer and studio musician, and he also lectures on musical æsthetics. Chronotope is a 45-minute concerto of wide-ranging ambition and style, its title referring to a philosophical concept of perception of time and space, originally in literature but here applied to music. The music is richly textured and based on tonal harmony, though frequently non-functionally and in a rather free sense (and sometimes sounding a great deal more tonal than others), and the solo part is extravagantly virtuosic throughout. There are jazz harmonies and gestures from the clarinet with a distinct jazz heritage, but the music doesn't sound like jazz. The music frequently involves repeated figures and ostinati, as though exploring the concept of memory (and also providing episodes of forward propulsion), and these dominate the powerful, driven middle movement. The finale seems more abstract, presenting an infinity of possibilities (the future?), and finally fades out in mystery, the clarinet a lone voice receding into the unknown. Fredrik Fors (clarinet), Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Christian Eggen.


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