VALENTIN SILVESTROV (b.1937): Two Dialogues with Postscript for Piano and String Orchestra, Serenade for String Orchestra, Farewell Serenade, Silent Music, The Messenger - 1996 for Piano, String Orchestra and Synthesizer, Moments of Memory II.

Catalogue Number: 09T069

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573598

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: These pieces all examine, in one way or another, Silvestrov's preoccupation with contemporary music's relationship with the past, which has become increasingly important to him in recent decades as he developed his unique brand of postmodernism. The earliest work here, 1978's Serenade, seems like a farewell to Silvestrov's modernist past. The piece begins in a world of fractured dissonance, culminating in a climax of clustered chords, but instead of ending it is reborn in a thoroughly tonal, Romantic idiom. All the other pieces are much more recent, and all are tonal, superficially uncomplicated but with a core of ambiguity, sadness and nostalgia, and a more or less explicit connection to music of the past. The Dialogues expand fragments by Schubert and Wagner; Silent Music comprises a sad little Mahlerian waltz and two faded, half-remembered serenades; The Messenger consists of ghostly Mozartean fragments floating like delicate wraiths between this world and the next. Both the title and character of Moments of Memory sum up the composer's intentions in all these works; six wistful miniatures that hesitantly recall events of a vanished past. Iryna Starodub (piano), Kiev Virtuosi; Dmitry Yablonsky.


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