JOHAN KVANDAL (1919-1999): Concerto for Flute and Strings, Op. 22, EDVARD FIFLET BRÆIN (1924-1976): Concertino for Flute and Orchestra, Op. 10, EGIL HOVLAND (1924-2013): Suite for Flute and Strings, Op. 31, FINN MORTENSEN (1922-1983): Sonata for Solo Flute, Op. 6.

Catalogue Number: 09T007

Label: LAWO Classics

Reference: LWC1127

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Many Norwegian composers of this generation went to Paris to study and Kvandal’s and Bræin’s works, from 1963 and 1958 respectively, are fine examples of Gallic neo-classicsim; particularly of note are a finale of a Mozartian elegance in the latter’s and a still, affecting slow movement in the former’s. By 1959, Hovland was moving toward dodecaphony and went to study with Dallapiccola, who castigated his pupil’s Suite, which does use one twelve-tone theme, for its rhythms which he felt were derivative of neo-classicism. Mortensen went in the same direction but, in this 1953 solo sonata, he admits only to a Hindemithian extended tonality. Tom Ottar Andreassen (flute), Norwegian Radio Orchestra; Ingar Bergby.


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