VLADIMIR SAGAYDO (b. early 1980s?): String Quartets in D “Nanuc”, in E Minor and in G “Casar”.

Catalogue Number: 09S076

Label: Arco y Lira

Reference: none

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: Sagaydo's quartets are finely crafted specimens of the genre; rather conservative and thoroughly tonal, drawing on a wide range of European influences from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, his native Russia and adopted Mexico, as well as folk musics. The D Major quartet, written when the composer was nineteen, begins with a Sinfonia, in obvious tribute to Bach, followed by an andante that begins as a plainchant-inspired recitative and develops into a melodious Romantic slow movement, rich in harmony. A rustic Ländler follows, and a neo-baroque fugal finale with a folk-like subject. The e minor is a 'requiem-quartet', with a solemn, liturgical opening section which becomes a wistful, autumnal moderato. The brief scherzo is a Ravelian gigue, and the following Adagio doloroso a passacaglia, but in a non-traditional 4/4, giving the movement the character of a funeral march. It ends with a muted recollection of the quartet's 'liturgical' opening, abruptly interrupted by the galloping finale on a Russian theme. The G Major is the largest and most ambitious of these quartets. The opening movement is a large sonata structure based on the idea of a pagan Russian spring festival, with a vigorous, scurrying fugal section depicting the banishment of a (Vivaldi-esque) winter by the re-emerging sun. A very Russian, lyrical slow movement follows, rising to an impassioned climax, and a robust fugal finale culminating in a soaring, optimistic peroration. Sergei Gorbenko, Igor Ryndin (violins), Julia Dogadaeva (viola), Vladimir Sagaydo (cello).


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