AXEL BORUP-JØRGENSEN (1924-2012): Thalatta! Thalatta!, Op. 127, Marine Sketches, Op. 4b, Winter Pieces, Op. 30b, Summer Intermezzi, Op. 65, Passacaglia, Op. 2b, Raindrop Interludes, Op. 144, Epigrams, Op. 78, Miniature Suite, Op. 3b, 7 Preludes, Op. 30a, Phantasiestück for Celesta, Op. 115.

Catalogue Number: 09S055

Label: OUR Recordings

Reference: 6.220616

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $16.98

Description: Borup-Jørgensen composed for the piano throughout his career, and this traversal of his output from very early (Op. 2, 1948) to very late (Op. 144, 1994) shows him refining, but not changing very radically, his individual style of highly approachable, always evocative, modernism over the course of his career. Representations of the natural world, and especially the sea, occupied the composer in many of his works, and this is true of a number of the works here, including the largest and most important piece here, Thalatta!, Thalatta!. Always a composer concerned with clarity of line and color, Borup-Jørgensen here conjures an unique kind of Impressionism from arpeggiated chords in saturated, dissonant Messiaen-like harmonies with suspensions and pedal effects; deceptively simple, but highly effective. The much earlier Marine Sketches are far more conventionally tonal, though they share some strikingly similar aspects of piano figuration. The works in between chart a clear progression between these two points, with an apparent diversion in the direction of greater atonality in the 1960s, when the composer's move toward the utmost concentrated clarity was at its most pronounced. The titles and character of the pieces are strongly suggestive of nature throughout, from the glittering chill of winter, the warmer harmonies of summer, to the aphoristic, gestural raindrop interludes of Op.144. Erik Kaltoft (piano, celesta).


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