GIOVANNI MORANDI (1777-1856): 6 Offertorios, 4 Elevazioni, 4 Postcommuni, Sinfonia in D, Allegro marziale in C, Pastorale in B Flat, Gran sinfonia variata in D, Sinfonia per le feste di primera classe in D, God Save the King - Inno Inglese, Rondò con imitazione de’ campanelli in F, Introduzione, Tema con variazioni e Finale in F.

Catalogue Number: 09S022

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95333

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Morandi was one of the most important organ composers of 18‐th century Italy, together with Petrali, Davide di Bergamo and Fumagalli. The formal structures of his organ works, the soaring melodies, brilliant instrumentation, 'orchestral'‐type musical dialogues, the pianistic writing, and the sonic and dynamic effects all reflect the vast world of Italian opera in which Morandi was immersed. 2 CDs. Marco Ruggeri (1791 Callido organ of Borca de Cadore and 1830 Amati organ of Provaglio d’Iseo).


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