JOHANN JAKOB WALTHER (1656-1746): Hortulus Chelicus.

Catalogue Number: 09S014

Label: Centaur

Reference: CRC 3493/94/95/96

Format: CD

Price: $59.98

Description: Walther, along with Biber, the German composer most responsible for adopting virtuoso violin writing using polyphonic techniques, multiple stopping and the use of high positions. Unlike Biber, however, he shunned the use of scordatura. This collection, published in 1688 ("Little Garden of the Lyre") contains both accessible, melodious pieces for amateurs and others containing every type of pyrotechnics for professionals. We offered selections from it on a single disc eight years ago on Zig-Zag Territories (06J017). 4 CDs. Sean Yung-Hsian Wang (violin), Barrett Sills (cello), Matthew Dirst (harpsichord, organ).


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