Piano Music of Bolivia

EDUARDO CABA (1890-1953): 6 Aires indios de Bolivia, 8 Motivos folkloricos de loss valles de Bolivia, SIMEÓN RONCAL (1870-1953): Cuecas No. 1 “La Ausencia”, No. 2 “La Brisa”, No. 4 “Noche Tempestuosa”, No. 6 “Rosa” and No. 7 “Huérfana Virginia”, MARVIN SANDI (1938-1968): Siciliana, Op. 4/1, Ritmos panteísticos, Op. 1a, In Memoriam - Homenaje a Caba, Op. 1b.

Catalogue Number: 09R056

Label: MSR Classics

Reference: MS 1546

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

No Longer Available

Description: You don’t find much classical music from Bolivia, making this a no-brainer for collectors of South American folk-inspired music. Caba’s Aires, being Indian are not, of course, Latin American; they are predominantly slow of tempo, melancholy and meditative, suggestive perhaps of the toughness of life at high Andean altitudes. The Motivos are Latin American, come from Bolivia’s valleys and are more what you traditionally think of as “folk music”. Roncal’s Cuecas come from a collection of twenty courting songs, often colorful and sensuous with bravura writing. Sandi’s Ritmos add a Bartókian dash of bitonality and dissonance to the pentatonic quality of Bolivian folk music. Walter Aparicio (piano).


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