KURT ATTERBERG (1887-1974): Cello Concerto in C Minor, Op. 21, Horn Concerto in A, Op. 28.

Catalogue Number: 09R055

Label: CPO

Reference: 999 874-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Only the third recording of the cello concerto, written between 1917 and 1922, a rhapsodic work lasting over half an hour. While some sections sound like middle-period Sibelius, the specifically Nordic moments of the work are relatively few as Atterberg's eclecticism provides a veritable grab-bag of styles current in northern European musical thought at the beginning of this century. The much shorter (21 minutes) horn concerto of 1926, equally ill-served on CD, has elements of Romanticism, Nordic sentiment and, in the finale, even nods toward jazz. Nikolai Schneider (cello), Johannes-Theodor Wiemes (horn), North German Radio Phliharmonic Hannover; Ari Rasilainen


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