Polish Music for Piano Four Hands

MORITZ MOSZKOWSKI (1854-1925): Kaleidoscope, Op. 74 , JULIUS ZAREBSKI (1854-1885): 2 morceaux en forme de Mazurka, Op. 5, ROMAN PALESTER (1907-1989): Sonatina, IGNACY DOBRZYNSKI (1807-0867): Rondo alla polacca, Op. 6.

Catalogue Number: 09R041

Label: Dux

Reference: 1174

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Moszkowski’s 1905 set of seven short pieces is kind of a technical course for professional pianists with really attractive melodies whle Zarebski’s is more like an intimate, two-part tone-poem (Rêverie followed by Passion), again very memorable melodically. You won’t doubt Dobrzynski’s Polish persona after hearing his 11-minute Rondo (1836) while Palester in 1940, in neo-classical vein (think Martinu or Prokofiev rather than Stravinsky), shows the quality of the pianists and composers whose only outlet in occupied Warsaw was to play in cafés. Ravel Piano Duo.


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