FRANÇOIS-ANDRÉ DANICAN PHILIDOR (1726-1795): Les Femmes Vengées.

Catalogue Number: 09R020

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.660353

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Three married women engage in lies and rumors about the behavior of the others’ husbands toward themselves. Hi-jinks ensue but everything turns out happily and husbands beg forgiveness for their behavior. Sounds like a sequel to Così fan tutte, doesn’t it? Mozart was in Paris while Les Femmes Vengées was a hit in 1775 and you can speculate from there. Mercifully for non-French speakers, the dialogue has been omitted in this recording of a live performance (although it’s in the on-line libretto), giving us a tidy 67 minutes of frothy French fun. Libretto and translation available on-line. Claire Debono, Pascale Beaudin (sopranos), Blandine Staskiewicz (mezzo), Jeffrey Thompson, Antonio Figueroa (tenors), Alex Dobson (baritone), Opera Lafayette; Ryan Brown.


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