JULIUS KLENGEL (1859-1933): Suite in D Minor, Op. 56, HUGO BECKER (1864-1941): Fantastische Suite, Op. 14 "Aus dem Leben des Waldschrat", PAUL TORTELIER (1914-1990): Suite in D Minor "à la mémoire de mon Père".

Catalogue Number: 09Q046

Label: Solo Musica

Reference: SM 214

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A remarkable release which even those Romantic collectors who wouldn't normally consider a solo string instrument recital should think about. Becker's 1919 suite "From the Life of a Woodland Gnome" is the only programmatic solo cello suite I (or the note-writer) can think of; Klengel's 1923 suite is dedicated to his student Emmanuel Feuermann whose virtuosity seems to be at the heart of this neo-classical piece while Tortelier's 1946 suite, which once appeared on Chandos played by the cellist himself in a 1977 studio session, very Bachian in style, contains a movement which was not recorded back then. That and the other two works are World Premiere Recordings. Markus Wagner (cello).


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