JOHN FRANDSEN (b.1956): Requiem.

Catalogue Number: 09Q012

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220649-50

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $32.98

Description: Requiems seem to bring the best out of composers, perhaps because of the pressure to measure up to the magnificent tradition that precedes them. Frandsen has risen to the challenge in a work that is thoroughly of our time, yet continues the seamless flow of tradition. Like a number of other recent reinventions of the mass, this work has modern text interpolated among the sections of the Latin Mass. In this case, these are hymn-poems in direct, modern language by Simon Grotrian, sung to unsophisticated, diatonic music in a style that owes something to popular music, by a non-classical singer. This creates an interesting tension against the more traditional, largely tonal but more sophisticated language of the bulk of the work, with its generally neo-romantic idiom, allusions to plainchant (including the use of the Dies irae melody), the rich chromatic harmony so characteristic of contemporary Nordic composers, and original, varied orchestral and choral textures with unexpected, highly effective dramatic gestures from the choir. 2 CDs. Latin-English texts. Teitur (vocal), Sine Bundgaard (soprano), Andrea Pellegrini (mezzo), Peter Lodahl (tenor), Halvor F. Melien (bass), Danish National Concert Choir, Danish National Girls Choir, Danish National Symphony Orchestra; Henrik Vagn Christensen.


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