VYTAUTAS BARKAUSKAS (b.1931): Partita for Solo Violin, Op. 12, EDUARDAS BALSYS (1919-1984): Lament and Mischeivous Drebulyte for Violin and Piano, GRAZYNA BACEWICZ (1909-1969): Caprice, Humoresque and Oberek No. 1 for Violin and Piano, VENIAMIN SHER (1900-1962): Concert Piece for Violin and Piano, Scherzo for Solo Violin, HUW WATKINS (b.1976): Partita for Solo Violin, ESA-PEKKA SALONEN (b.1958): Lachen verlernt for Solo Violin, JOE SCHITTINO (b.1977): Poem "Egle" for Violin and Piano, JAMES MACMILLAN (b.1959): After the Tryst and A Different World for Violin and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 09O065

Label: Champs Hill

Reference: CHRCD039

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: My main motivation, being half-Lithuanian, for offering this was the 21 minutes of music by Lithuanian and Polish-Lithuanian composers with another ten minutes by the young Sicilian Schettino based on the same Lithuanian folktale which produced Balsys' famous ballet score Egle:  Queen of Snakes. But violin fanciers of all types should enjoy the predominantly approachable scores here and the may not know the Russian-Jewish Sher, last student of Leopold Auer, whose ten minutes of music is quite Romantic in tone; it's the Welshman Watkins who provides the most "modern" work with his 15-minute Partita. Diana Galvydyte (violin), Christopher Guild (piano).


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