ULJAS PULKKIS (b.1975): On the Crest of Waves, Vernal Bloom, Tales of Joy, Passion and Love for Clarinet, Baritone and Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 09N088

Label: Ondine

Reference: ODE 1176-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: A BIS release in August 2007 (08J085) introduced us to the orchestral music of this young Estonian composer. Approachable then, even though, technically, much of his fascinatingly colorful sound world was derived from spectral harmonies which were built on the overtone series and on microintervals, these later works reveal a move into post-Romanticism, Impressionism and post-minimalism. On the Crest (2003) happily enters program music in depicting the sea, a gathering storm and the ensuing calm; although Pulkkis claims inspiration from Richard Strauss, Debussy, Ravel and Respighi, his style never sounds less than 21st century tonal. The clarinet concerto (2005/2010) sees its soloist as a star tenor in an opera, giving it endless lyrical material to sing (and enlisting the help of two orchestral clarinettists in the second movement along with a string quartet, operating semi-independently within the orchestra); Pulkkis attached a short final movement which previously existed as a song, to a text by the 19th century English poet Thomas Moore. The eight-minute Vernal Bloom (2008), a tribute to burgeoning life, combines lush Romantic orchestration and a punchy rhythmic element. Texts included. Kari Kriikku (clarinet), Gabriel Suovanen (baritone), Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra; Hannu Lintu.


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