KAMRAN INCE (b.1960): Concerto for Orchestra, Turkish Instruments and Voices (Neva Özgen [kemence], Celalettin Biçer [ney], Ali Bektas [zurna], Cevdet Akdeniz [zurna], Bilkent Youth Chorus), Symphony No. 2 "The Fall of Constantinople", Piano Concerto, Infrared Only.

Catalogue Number: 09N083

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572554

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Once recorded on the English Argo label when it was doing its series of young American composers, the symphony (1994) was the first of Ince's works to use Turkish elements (an ingenious use of multiple woodwinds playing the same line and another instrument doubling them a half-tone lower to get the quarter-tone effect of the Turkish zurna) with his already-trademark high energy blocks of sound and mixed with some American-style minimalism. The 1984 piano concerto is a great example of crushing sound-power and kinetic energy (as is its fellow New York Youth Symphony commission Infrared Only of 1995). The latest work is 2004's Concerto, whose use of zurna, ney and kemence, which add authenticity to the intoxicating mixture of violence and tender intimacy which make up the work's yin and yang. Kamran Ince (piano), Bilkent Symphony Orchestra; Kamran Ince, Isin Metin (Piano Concerto).


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