SANTIAGO LANCHARES (b.1952): Castor y Pollux for Piano and Percussion, from Cuaderno de estilos for Piano: Geminis, Aster I, Aster II.

Catalogue Number: 09N076

Label: Anemos

Reference: C33011

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Reading that Lanchares started his musical career as a self-taught rock guitarist, or that his later influences include Frank Zappa, Lachenmann and Cristóbal Halffter might lead one to expect something rather more radical, dissonant and avant-garde than this very agreeable, completely approachable, tonal ballet score. The piece is basically an extended piano suite, with the percussion - marimba and vibraphone - reinforcing texture and harmony and adding color. The ballet illustrates events and characters from the Castor and Pollux myth, beginning with Leda and the swan, and relies on a structure of small motifs and repetition which adds to its lively, dance-like character - it would certainly be very danceable as a ballet - with the result often somewhere between ostinato and minimalism, with a very Romantic feel to the work overall. The harmonic language incorporates a degree of bitonality, more in some movements than others, which are more conventionally tonal or modally inflected. The influence of, among others, Ravel, Liszt, Albeniz and Poulenc sometimes extends to actual allusions to identifiable works. Ananda Sukarian (piano), Miaqueil Bernat (percussion).


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